About the Bugs category

Please commit or post any bugs under this category … we’ll do our best to address and will prioritize responses.

Use the following paragraphs for a longer description, or to establish category guidelines or rules:

  • Why should people use this category? What is it for?
    If something breaks, this is the place to mention what broke. We’ll do our best to fix it.

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
    See previous point: this where all discussions related to broken ‘things’ should occur.

  • What should topics in this category generally contain?
    Please be thorough with your post! Include machine details, version number, clients, process, outcome (expected/actual), etc.

  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?
    This category is crucial to enhancing the ongoing development and functionality of SpeckleUnreal.